Frequently asked questions

  1. Do you have a minimum order?
    A. No we don’t have a minimum order, if you only want one item that’s fine, but we do offer discount’s on higher quantities.
  2. How long do you take to deliver?
    A. We aim to turn around orders within 7 days from the date of placing your order.
  3. Can you originate my logo or design?
    A. Yes, we have our own in house design team that can cater for any of your needs.
  4. What format should I send my artwork?
    A. You can send your logo in either a JPG, PDF, AI, EPS (150dpi or higher) or Corel Draw format
  5. Do I have to pay a set-up cost if I have already got the art-work?
    A. Unfortunately for embroidery there is nearly always a set-up charge, as the art-work needs to be digitized – which basically tells the embroidery machine where to stitch and a normal j-peg or PDF file won’t do this.
    For printing, there are a few formats which may work without any set-up costs.
    However we would always ask to send us a copy of your artwork so we can provide you with a precise set-up cost.
  6. Can I use my design again?
    A. Yes your logo is stored onto our design database and can be re-used without paying the original set-up costs again.
  7. Can you provide a sample of my logo?
    A. Yes, we always run a sample of your logo to ensure the embroidery is of the highest quality before embroidering onto your order.
  8. What Size will my logo be?
    A. Unless stated the logo will be in proportion to the size of the garment, however a standard chest logo will be approx 9cm wide.
    See our logo section for further details
  9. I have my own garments, can you embroider/print them?
    A. Yes we can, please contact our sales team for further information.

Please note that we take no responsibility if, in the rare event, a garment is damaged by one of our embroidery/printing machines. Customers should ensure that all details are correctly provided before placing the order.